FreediveUK forum now online

We have finally got round to integrating a forum on our website. This is hopefully going to become a place where questions can be asked and answered, buddies can be found and apnea can be discussed in a supportive and honest environment.

I will personally, as will our other instructors, be moderating this forum so as to ensure that it can become a font of useful information for all those who use it. So many forums are bloated and full of misinformation, this is something that we will do everything to avoid.

Everyday I get asked questions by email that would be actually useful if they were visible to others, so feel free to ask anything as although it may seem simple the chances are, if you are wondering about it, someone else is too!

These things take some time to get off the ground but you can help by posting something and maybe answering something. Make sure to introduce yourself, say where you are from and what level you are, you never know you may be living down the road from a  perfect dive buddy!

The registration is automatic, but can take some time to come through, it seems like some email addresses give a bit of trouble, but in our tests 90% come through without any issues, they can take a while though ranging from 5 minutes to 24hrs.  Once you are registered though its all easy and seems to be bug free.

If yo are having any issues in using it please feel free to get in touch and we will see if we can help!

Dive safe

Check out the forum now

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