Freedive UK – Our year in numbers and pictures

What a year its been! A big thanks to everyone who came on a course!

We have been really busy this year, running freediving courses almost every day in the spring, summer and autumn.  Despite the wet weather, we never had to cancel a course and the water was really quite warm (for British standards). Loads of fish life this year, much more than the previous summer, something id attribute to the warmer water. This was great for the underwater foraging courses.

It wasn’t just British diving though, we went to Iceland in April, a trip we are running again in 2013, which was awesome. Diving in fault lines is an amazing experience, made all the more fantastic thanks to our brilliant Icelandic hosts and friends. We also ran our annual trip to Gozo in September, for 2 weeks, and were lucky enough to get some great weather and very warm sea. It didn’t hurt that the Villa was spectacular, with several terraces and a stunning pool.

So what does our year look like in numbers? We thought it would be fun to summarise our activities in numbers to give you an idea of what we have been up to.

Perfect Cornwall

Perfect Cornwall

Depth –

In accumulated vertical descents, Ian has surpassed the depth of the Marianas trench (deepest point in the oceans). Thats over 11,000 m!

Distance kayaked –

Ian has paddled enough distance to kayak from Dover to Calais nearly 3 times.

Time spent lecturing –

We have lectured students for 85 hours …. that’s 2 1/4 working weeks of solid talking! (sorry)

Time in the water-

Ian has spent around 300 hours IN the sea, that’s the equivalent of 8 average peoples entire working weeks.

Breath hold-

Freedive UK students have cumulatively held their breath long enough for a successful breath hold relay on a flight from London to Bangkok.

Student dives-

Cumulatively Freedive UK students have dived a total of AT LEAST 14,000m. Enough for a relay swim down from the 1st boundary of the Earths atmosphere.





Happy new year! Hope to see you all soon.



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