Marine foraging course


This 1 day course will teach you the fundamentals of underwater foraging.

Taught by AIDA master instructor and author of ‘Underwater foraging – freediving for food’  Ian Donald you will discover the vast array of sustainable foods that can be gathered from the foreshore and from under the waves, all using freediving skills.

There are no spearguns used in this course, it is all about hand gathering using Freediving. Get introduced to the basic Freediving techniques that will enable you to collect food from under the sea.

Look for edible seaweeds, shoreline plants and herbs, molluscs and crustaceans. Learn how to find them, collect them, prepare them and use them.

Course costs £100 per person and is conducted over one weekday here in Cornwall (see calendar) or for groups on request.

All kit and lunch is included.

Contact us for more details.