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Created by Ian Donald, AIDA instructor trainer, author and spearfisherman – this one day introduction to spearfishing is also endorsed by the British Spearfishing association.

No other form of fishing allows the participant to ensure that the catch is not only the right species but is also big enough to bring in, BEFORE the fish has been caught. There is zero by-catch and zero stress to other fish in the population. Commercial fishing has a huge amount of waste, with millions of tonnes of fish lost through by-catch, by getting into spearfishing you can make sure that at least the fish you eat is coming from a completely sustainable methodology. Here at Freedive UK, rather than a sport, we promote spearfishing as a great way to gather food for your table.

Learn to spearfish in this full day spearfishing lesson in the clear waters of Cornwall, and discover the vast array of foods you can sustainably gather from the seas.

Part of this is looking at collecting crustaceans such as crabs, lobsters and also collecting molluscs and seaweeds.

This course will give you spearfishing theory, sustainable fishing training, breath hold training, dive technique training, equipment training,  followed by an afternoon of in water spearfishing and gathering training.

Course costs £100 for the full day. This includes basic equipment including use of a gun.

Dates are available to book below – but courses are can be run on demand, so please get in touch to discuss suitable dates.

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