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Our course was the first mermaid course in the UK! We are the instructors to many of the UK’s top mermaids and mermaid instructors.

Ever dreamed of  swimming effortlessly underwater? Graceful, poised and elegant. Swimming among the fish without the aid of breathing apparatus, silent and at peace……. With a mermaid tail!!!!

As featured by MTV, Cosmopolitan, The Guardian, The Metro, The Times, Channel 4, BBC and more…

With a FreediveUK mermaid course we will teach you how to become one with your inner Ariel through an intensive but fun course.mermaid course

Course outlines

The courses revolve around learning to become skilled under the water, whilst wearing a full, professional mermaid tail and fin.

Its not all about swimming in a straight line though, we teach you how to pose, move in 3 dimensions, swim with your eyes open and generally to remain looking good despite everything else!

Whats covered?

LEVEL 1 – A one day course which gives a thorough introduction to the world of the Mermaid (or merman).  Course starts with freediving theory and breath-hold training then followed by an afternoon of posture, swimming and posing training in a Mermaid Tail. All in a heated indoor pool. Mermaid Certificate included. Price £100 pp inc all kit, entry fees, lunch and FreediveUK mermaid certificate

LEVEL 2 – A 3 day course incorporating the AIDA 1-2* freediving course. This gives the student an incredible base of freediving skills over the first 2 days to work with before we start the mermaid skills (Day 1-2 you will not use mermaid tails). Day 3 is a full day dedicated to mermaid skills with the tail. AIDA and Mermaid Certificate included. For students who have previously completed an AIDA 1-2* course or equivalent we can offer just the last day of this course (@£100) as they already have the freediving skills to allow them to deal with the more advanced aspects of the course (please contact us if this is the case). Price £400 pp inc all kit, entry fees, lunch, AIDA accreditation and mermaid certificate 

LEVEL 3 – A 6 day course to be conducted only in warm water. Students go through everything included in level 1 and 2 but are also taught to dive deep with a mermaid tail and to perform all their skills at depth putting them a step ahead of the rest, giving them the most advanced and complete mermaid certification in the world. AIDA and Mermaid Certificate included. Conducted as part of our warm water holidays, next trip is to Spain in June 2019!

mermaid course

All courses are run with an accredited AIDA freediving instructor.

FAQs – You do not need previous freediving experience to participate. You do not need to complete levels sequentially
We are based in Newquay, Cornwall. Participants must be over 16yrs old, a confident swimmer and are happy to complete a self declaration medical form. We are fully insured and accredited.


What day as a mermaid be complete without photos?

If you want that special photo that would happily grace any wall or screensaver then we can offer a professional photographer with a full underwater pro setup (remote flashes, top spec camera etc) for an additional £150 for the day..

If you would like to have professional photos of your course on the day then please contact our photographer directly to pay.

Here is a picture taken in the pool by our photographer Al Scarlett.



If you are already an experienced mermaid/merman, we would suggest taking part in one of our AIDA 1-2* course to help you push your skills to the next level


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 mermaid courses

Course requirements – Participants must be over 16yrs old, a confident swimmer and are happy to complete a self declaration medical form.