Skype lessons

Freediving and spearfishing Skype lessons

We offer 1-2-1 Skype (or WhatsApp) sessions to help broaden our teaching reach. We know that many of you simply won’t be able to take the time out of your schedule to come and do a full freediving course, so instead we thought let’s come to you! A remote session like this is an amazing way for us to connect with you and ensure that important elements don’t get lost in translation as they often do in books, Youtube videos or in blog posts. Now…. They can never fully replace a real lesson with an instructor, so we ask you to consider these as adding to your educational portfolio rather than trying to replace a course, but we would rather you had access to quality information than to none at all!

Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.Mitchell Kapor

Timed sessions

We offer sessions in half hour or hour blocks for bespoke tuition where you can talk to Ian about anything freediving or spearfishing related and ask any questions on technique, theory or kit that you are struggling with.
As these are a free flow of questions and ideas you can get as much out of them as you need. Some sessions may be accompanied by photos or videos to assist in teaching.
A great option if you are aiming for a wide overarching training goal (competition for example) or schedule. Costs start from £30.

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Skill focus

We also offer more targeted sessions covering some of the aspects of freediving or spearfishing that we feel can be tackled well via Skype. Equalisation (with equalisation technical whizz kid Ralph Graves, includes a free equalisation tool!), Basic freediving theory, Finning technique, Deep freediving form, Static training, Spearfishing basics for total beginners, Pre-course theory sessions for level 2, 3, 4 and instructor course. As these are pre-planned to some extent, each session will be accompanied by videos and photos/images. Costs start from £30.

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Video support

Finally we offer personal freediving or spearfishing live support where you send us a video of your diving and we will send you back either a live critiqued version of the same video or engage in a skype session where we go over the video together. This is great if you are trying to nail a certain turn, posture or dive technique that you just can’t figure out if you are doing it right , or more importantly why its going wrong. Costs start from £40.

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Who are your teachers?

Our Skype sessions are mostly conducted by Ian Donald, AIDA instructor trainer and author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book ‘Underwater foraging – Freediving for food’.
Ian has been teaching freediving since 2009 and has taught a huge range of people to freedive. He has been seen many times on national television and is proudly sponsored by Epsealon, Oceanic and Pantor.

Equalisation workshops are taught by Ralph Graves. Ralph has been working alongside Ian for a couple of years and has proven to be a bit of an equalisation specialist and inventor of d.i.y equalisation tools!

Schedules, requirements, waivers and cancellations

After payment we will contact you to arrange a time, remember we are most of the time in GMT, so times are based on mid-evenings , approx 6-8pm GMT. We can be flexible depending on our schedule and some daytimes and weekends may be available.
To find out what time that means to you in your timezone, this website provides simple answers. Remember, we prefer to Skype early evening (6pm-8pm GMT) as its the best chance that it wont get in the way of our daytime freediving work. If we can’t find a mutually acceptable time you will be refunded in full.
You will need a computer or smart device with access to Skype or Whatsapp (Skype is better on the whole), both of which are free. You will need a solid internet connection. If you are using our live video support system you will need an underwater camera and the ability to film yourself and then upload that video to either Youtube or a sharing service such as dropbox or google drive.
As we mentioned at the top, this isn’t designed to replace real 1-2-1 teaching and because of this we will ask you to sign and return to us a waiver, understanding that you are taking on full responsibility for your actions in what can be a dangerous sport. An example of the waiver can be found here.
You have 14 days to request a refund on the session. Within 14 days (to the agreed session time) the session is non-refundable and only transferable with a 50% additional fee. If we are unable to make the session you will receive a full refund or option to reschedule. If we can’t find a mutually acceptable time (within 14 days) you will receive a full refund.