Aida 1 Star

One of the many ways to to get in to freediving. Think of the 1 star course as a freediving foundation pool and theory course.

  • Equipment for freediving
  • Breathing for freediving
  • Equalisation 
  • Safety for freediving
  • Freediving and Scuba Diving
  • Key rules to remember for freediving safely
  • Preparation breaths
  • Static apnea training
  • Using equipment
  • Duck diving
  • Equalisation
  • Body positioning
  • Finning style
  • Buddying

You can complete the 2* at a later date or even the day after (subject to availability).

Course costs £125 and includes lunch, pool hire and all equipment. As an AIDA 1* candidate we ask that you transport yourself between local dive sites, please contact us if this will be an issue. (If you have your own wetsuit, we would recommend bringing it)

Want to do that little bit more? Why not book our AIDA1&2* combined course. It saves you money and gets you deeper!