Fantastic new educational materials from AIDA – Freediving

AIDA have been in this game for a long time. The creation of AIDA was in response to a sudden increase of interest in the sport, in part due to the 1988 release of the now cult film, “The Big Blue”.

People were organising impromptu competitions, training one and other and trying to push their limits despite maybe having no real understand of what they were doing.

So, in 1992 AIDA was formed and created a stable and safe platform for international freediving education.

Fast forward to today and AIDA remains the worlds largest dedicated freediving agency, organising competitions, education through their tiered system of courses and maintaining standards around the world. Unlike the majority of the newer freediving agencies and courses that have been released in recent years AIDA are independent, run by athletes and trainers and is not in it for the money but instead for the sport as a whole (remember the old PADI acronym ? ‘Put Another Dollar In’….). This puts the focus on training, giving you what you need, no more and no less.

New freediving materials

2016 is a big year for AIDA, as they have launched their new teaching materials, and let me tell you now… its REALLY good stuff! What makes it even better, and in typical AIDA form, its FREE to students as a downloadable PDF rather than an overpriced and profit laden book. This means that not only can we  give you even better freediving materials than before but we don’t have to increase the prices of courses to cover additional costs! Win win!


So despite being courted by all of the other major agencies (trust me, they put a lot of effort in!), SSI, PADI, RAID etc, we have taken the decision to stay with AIDA for several reasons.

  • 1: The system works, the materials are great for everyone, from recreational divers to competition divers.
  • 2: No additional costs for our students to carry.
  • 3: No pressure from the agency to upsell courses.
  • 4: No pressure from the agency to sell equipment.
  • 5: AIDA continues to monitor competitions and records.
  • 6: AIDA’s standards are among the highest in the world, you will be a better freediver after training with an AIDA instructor.

So if you are planning on learning to freedive in 2016 ( or beyond), whether its to mess about on the reef on your next holiday or to get serious and learn to go DEEP, then do what I did and learn with AIDA.

Check out our AIDA freediving courses here, from level 1 to instructor.

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