Head Instructor

Head Instructor – Ian Donald

AIDA Master Instructor and instructor trainer Ian Donald has been freediving since 2000. He started whilst on holiday in the Caribbean, diving with local spearfishermen and learning how they collected the big crayfish which were being cooked up on the beach every night. This love of breath hold diving continued and developed eventually making his Scuba diving hobby pretty much redundant, despite having qualified as a rescue diver.

ian donald aida instructor trainer


Ian has taught a huge range of people to freedive, from all walks of life, and his fun and inclusive approach to the sport means that no one will feel like they cant achieve their full potential. His training style incorporates a wide range of techniques which go far beyond what is often included in the standard course materials.

He has also been involved in developing AIDA educational materials, working alongside AIDA international to advance the sport and improve the teaching materials available to students and instructors.

As the personal breath hold trainer for several of the UKs top surfers including Tom Butler, one of the UKs top big wave surfers, he has developed cutting edge training programs for athletes whos focus is not necessarily Apnea. Following on from this line of training, he has helped Royal Marine Commando PT instructors refine in water training techniques for recruits, giving Commandos more comfort in the water especially in breath-hold situations.

Ian is also the author of ‘Underwater foraging  -Freediving for food’. An instructional guide to freediving, marine foraging and spearfishing.

Ian has been involved as a freediving expert in TV and film projects about/related to freediving, and his experience is often called upon for a wide range of projects around the world, including extreme sports films, prime time TV, and nature documentaries. This includes spots on the One Show, Countryfile, Jimmys forest to name a few. He also has been utilised as a consultant for major BBC documentaries including the Oceans project lead by the series producer of the BBCs Africa documentary, James Honeybourne.

So, whether you are just looking to get in to freediving for the first time, an intermediate diver looking to get to grips with the infamous mouthfill technique or an advanced diver wanting to find new training grounds then Ian has the freediving and teaching ability to help.