Moken kit amnesty


The Moken need new kit!

We all know how focused some of us can get on kit! This often leads to a garage full of the previous years masks, fins, snorkels and other kit…

True you can use this as back -up but wouldn’t you rather it go somewhere where it can make a real difference? Possibly change lives?

The Mokens equipment is very basic, much of which is falling apart and massively outdated. Its true that in the past they needed only the most minimal of equipment but that was in days when their prey inhabited the entire water column, deep and shallow. Thanks to commercial fishing in their native homeland, many of the fish species are now in deeper water, requiring more sophisticated, comfortable and efficient equipment so that they can freedive to the depths required.

We are therefore enacting a kit amnesty!


Your kit will be sent to the Moken, where it will be used to help them gather food for their families.

All kit will be logged, photographed and listed below on this page along with your name.

When we (or maybe even you!) visit the Moken, we will take photos of them using your kit so you can see your gift of support in use. Then we ask you to share and distribute these images among your social network to engage more people in the project!

We will also be purchasing new kit to bring out with us on our 2014 Moken expedition, toher than coming on the trip you can also donate to this fund if you wish.

This is the Mokens wish list!

Freediving masks (glass lenses)

Fins (all sizes, adults and kids)


Spearguns and  polespears

Catch nets and fish stringers


Replacement mask straps

Replacement speargun parts (Bungees, bands, wishbones etc)


Please send new or old gear  but please do not send broken gear.

Kit will be sent out in bulk either with expeditions or on other occasions via courier.

Send to

Freedive UK (Moken kit amnesty)

41 Tredour Rd



TR7 2EY.




Please see our facebook Kit amnesty photo folder for the donations given so far.