Freedive Mexico – Cenotes and reef freediving holiday 2016

No trip to Mexico is currently planned for 2017, but keep an eye our for other amazing trips!

We will start our trip in Cancun before driving south, where we will take you to an incredible mix of dive sites down the entire Caribbean coast of the Yucatan.

The diving in Mexico is so varied, from the huge reef to the mysterious cenotes that its a true bucket list location for any freediver.

Starting in Tulum…

Journey in to the underworld

This area is famous for the abundance of freshwater filled caves known as cenotes. The chances are you have, at some point, ‘liked’ a photo of one of these incredible sites. They are breath taking. A marriage of light, clear water, surreal surroundings, fear, beauty, mystery and challenge create a freedive like nothing you have ever experienced before.

You’ll see bats, stalactites and stalagmites, birds flying, lizards sunbathing by the edge, tropical freshwater fish, terrapins, vivid light rays, tropical jungle foliage overhead…. its surreal. You wont forget this experience

We will freedive a selection of cenotes in the Tulum area, from deep and majestic, to shallower and delicate, all of which offer something different. We will even be diving sites that you need special permission to dive.

In Tulum we will also take the chance to visit the incredible Mayan ruins which sit perched on top of a cliff overlooking the blue waters of the Caribbean.

A reef adventure

After our time in Tulum we will drive south again, until we are close to the Belize border, to the small town of Mahahual, situated in between two national parks and right on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, the longest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere .

In Mahahual you are only a 100m swim across a shallow lagoon to the reef itself, the closest point that this reef gets to the coast in Mexico. On the far side of the lagoon the reef is comprised of a series of deep gullies with some stunning coral and marine life to swim among. We will also be taking out a private boat to explore the reef that lies further down the coast.

Whilst in Mahahual we will be staying right on the beach, so plenty of time outside of the itinerary to get wet!

Other than its easy access to the ‘Great Mayan Reef’ the main reason for staying in Mahahual is for its proximity to the Banco Chinchorro. The Banco Chinchorro is an atoll reef lying 35km offshore and is home to an abundance of marine life and pristine reef systems. Here you can freedive with Dolphins, Manta rays, Manatees, Sharks, occasional whalesharks and even… Crocodiles! The Atoll is also last resting place for 9 shipwrecks including two Spanish galleons. This is an incredible place to dive, and again we need special permission from the national park to dive there.

And thats not all!

Near Mahahual is the incredible Lake Bacalar, also known as the lake of 7 colors. Not deep, but stunning to visit. Next to it is the deepest cenote in the Yucatan, the wide and open Cenote Azul. At 90m deep, its more than deep enough for even the best freediver! With twisted branches and tree roots skirting the edges this is just another incredible site that you will visit on this trip.


Price: £1050

Deposit and payments: Non-refundable £350, full payment 6 weeks before departure.

Dates: Thurday 2nd June – Thursday 9th June 2016

Flights: To Cancun, not included, Currently approx £450-620. Departure tax not included on some charter flights.

Accommodation: All included, private rooms, ensuite. Bed and breakfast.

Transfers and transport: All included

Entry fees, guiding, instruction and boat charters: All included

Certification requirements: AIDA 2* or equivalent (please contact us if unsure). If you do not have your AIDA 2* you can complete the 2 day course in Cornwall in May for £150 (50% discount on standard price) to allow you to come on the holiday.

Equipment: No kit hire options are available, you will need your own kit. A 3mm wetsuit is suggested, the sea is 30c whilst the cenotes are perhaps 27c. Please travel light to save space in transfers, you will appreciate it!

Training: Free training from at least two AIDA instructors.

Basic dive schedule: Minimum 5 cenotes, 3 reefs (inc boat dives), 1 day at Banco Chinchorro


Week 2: 4* and Instructor training week – 9th-16th June 2016

From the 9th till the 16th we will be running an AIDA instructor course in Mahahual . If you are interested in the instructor course click here for more details. If you are interested in completing your 4* then get in touch with us now. We only have one space left!

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