AIDA monofin course

The AIDA monofin specialty course will take you through all of the skills, theory and training techniques required to become an effective monofin freediver.

Monofins have become synonymous with freediving, despite their roots being in finswimming, the image of a mermaid-like freediver gliding through the water makes mono-finning pretty high on most freedivers ‘to-do’ lists.

Here at Freedive UK you can learn and get certified with the AIDA monofin specialty course.

The AIDA Monofin Freediver course is designed to be an introduction to monofin swiming and to help the student
develop the basic skills, techniques and knowledge necessary to start using the monofin efficiently.
Students will be introduced to different approaches to freediving with a monofin, exercises designed to work on
style and how to design a training program.

The course incorporates two water sessions, one in the pool and one in open water (during the summer). In these you will cover the following…

  1. History of the monofin, origins of finswimming, crossover into freediving.
  2. Monofin construction and design, current manufacturers and how to choose and fit your fin
  3. How to care for and transport your monofin safely
  4.  Freediving categories which use the monofin.
  5.  Equipment for use with the monofin and how it differs from other freediving equipment.
  6. Dry training to develop the body for monofin freediving
  7. Physiology for monofin freediving. The physiological differences between dynamic and constant weight.
  8. Finning technique with a monofin.
  9. Key rules to remember for monofin freediving safely
  10. Body positioning and dive technique.
  11. Training drills and practice.

This course is run over one day.

The course includes pool hire, equipment (other than wetsuits) and AIDA certification.

To enrol on this course you must be  18 years of age or older (16 years with parent or guardian consent) Have completed the AIDA ** Freediver course or equivalent.

Only £125 p/p –

Can be held on weekday or on weekends on request. subject to availability. Minimum numbers do apply (2) but contact us if interested as we may have other students waiting to do it.